Innovative solutions for shortage of water
8. April 2024

Innovative solutions for shortage of water

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Cyprus, facing the possibility of a national shortage of water, is implementing a strategy to address the problem head-on. Ninety-three projects totaling €1.17 billion are part of the strategy to ensure that we have enough water.

Thirty-three of these projects, which concentrate on improving irrigation and water supply, are now getting developed. They are expected to be finished by 2029. There are currently sixty more projects in development, with start dates set for 2025 and 2030. Ensuring cities and other locations have enough water is the goal of these efforts.

With the support of the government and professional guidance, this proposal represents a significant advancement. It includes not just the Water Department but other water management groups as well.

The top priority projects are those already in progress or funded by European money. They also include projects needed to follow European rules about managing water.

Some ongoing projects are directly helping areas facing water shortages. For example, upgrades to water systems in Nicosia and the construction of a new reservoir in Klavdia will improve water supply.

The installation of smart water meters and leak fixes are part of the efforts to ensure that we use water responsibly. In addition, initiatives have begun to generate renewable energy, such as solar power, in order to run water facilities more efficiently.

Cyprus hopes to address its water issues and guarantee that everyone will have access to enough water for many years to come with these plans in place.