Larnaca Marina Pier restoration is nearing the final stages
19 februari 2024

Larnaca Marina Pier restoration is nearing the final stages

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Excitement spreads through Larnaca as Kition Ocean Holdings, the team in charge of the restoring the city's port, marina, and waterfront, announces that the restoration of the iconic Larnaca Marina Pier is nearing completion. In an official statement released on Friday, the consortium emphasised that this milestone represents a big step forward in their ambitious redevelopment project.

The company's statement marks the successful restoration, structural fortification, and upgrading of the historic pier, with an expected delivery date of April 2024. "Families and visitors alike will soon have the pleasure of rediscovering one of Larnaca's beloved spots," according to the statement.

Having secured the redevelopment and operational responsibilities for the Larnaca Port and Marina area back in 2020, Kition Ocean Holdings wasted no time in initiating their plans for a comprehensive transformation. The restoration of the pier stands as one of the initial phases in this extensive 15-year project, which aims to modernize the area into a premium mixed-use waterfront development.

Throughout the restoration process, special attention has been made to the preservation of Larnaca's rich heritage of culture, in accordance with the Town Planning and Housing Department's guidance. This careful approach included thoroughly cleaning, restoring, and reinforcing the pier's metal framework, as well as refurbishing the solid wood deck.

Additionally, repairs were made to the scouts' building, existing fence, lamp posts and crane to ensure compliance with Fire Department safety rules. "We're not just restoring the marina, we're also giving respect to its glorious past and its important place in the history of maritime Cyprus," a Kition Ocean Holdings spokesperson said.

Indeed, the marina's evolution over the decades has mirrored the nation's maritime identity, from its inception in 1878 to the significant expansions of the 1970s and the subsequent management under the Cyprus Tourism Organisation in 1977. Kition Ocean Holdings reaffirmed its dedication to preserving this historical significance while ushering in a new era of development and prosperity for Larnaca.

The nearing completion of the Larnaca Marina Pier restoration is a significant step forward in Kition Ocean Holdings' pursuit of excellence and sustainable development. With an eye on the future, the consortium is committed to honouring the past while creating a vibrant future for the region.